Nikgapps AppSets and Packages information

Packages Description
Core Core packages, required to run the playstore
>>ExtraFiles=1 Package for additional files required to make gapps work
>>GooglePlayStore=1 Google Play Store, also known as Phonesky
>>GoogleServicesFramework=1 The Services Framework, in particular, is used to manage and update the various apps made by Google, as well as any application or game that is downloaded from the Google Play Store
>>GoogleContactsSyncAdapter=1 This package is used to sync the contacts associated to your google account
>>GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter=1 This package is used to sync the calendar events associated to your google account
>>GmsCore=1 Google Play Services - heart of google apps
DigitalWellbeing=1 Digital Wellbeing is Android’s Digital Wellbeing tools give you a daily view of how often you check your phone and how frequently you use different apps
GoogleMessages=1 Package for Google Messages app
GoogleDialer=1 Package for Google Dialer app
GoogleContacts=1 Package for Google Contacts app
CarrierServices=1 Package for Message Carrier Service, also for RCS
GoogleClock=1 Package for Google Clock app
SetupWizard=1 AppSet that controls Google Setup Wizard components
>>SetupWizard=1 Package for Google Setup Wizard
>>GoogleRestore=1 Google Restore lets you restore the backup data
>>GoogleOneTimeInitializer=1 Lets you choose which apps to install during restore process while you’re going through initial setup
>>AndroidMigratePrebuilt=1 Pixel version of Google Restore
GoogleCalculator=1 Package for Google Calculator app
GoogleDrive=1 Package for Google Drive app
GoogleMaps=1 Package for Google Maps app
GoogleLocationHistory=1 Package for Maps location history service
Gmail=1 Package for Gmail app
GooglePhotos=1 Package for Google Photos app
DeviceHealthServices=1 Package for Device Battery Health Services app
Flipendo=1 Package for extreme battery saver service
Velvet=1 Package for main google + assistant app
GBoard=1 Package for Google KeyBoard app
PixelLauncher=1 AppSet that controls Pixel Launcher components
>>PixelLauncher=1 Package for Pixel Launcher
>>DevicePersonalizationServices=1 Device Personalization Services is the method through which Google delivers and updates features like Now Playing (on Pixel), Live Caption, and smart actions in notifications to Android devices
>>QuickAccessWallet=1 Quick Access Wallet is for enabling access to wallets on Lock Screen
>>GoogleWallpaper=1 Package for Google based Wallpaper app
>>SettingsServices=1 The Settings app on your phone uses core system software called Settings Services. The software allows setup, connection, and customization for settings on your phone and certain app settings. The system gives permissions to Settings Services for things like displaying information about network connections and connected devices, setting rules for when to activate do not disturb mode, or sending notifications.
>>PrivateComputeServices=1 PrivateComputeServices is a secure, isolated data processing environment inside of the Android operating system that gives you control of the data inside, such as deciding if, how, and when it is shared with others. This way, PCC can enable features like Live Translate without sharing continuous sensing data with service providers, including Google. PCC is part of Protected Computing, a toolkit of technologies that transforms how, when, and where data is processed to technically ensure its privacy and safety.
GoogleFiles=1 AppSet that controls Google Files components
>>GoogleFiles=1 Package for Google Files Manager
>>StorageManager=1 StorageManager is junk cleaner in settings
>>DocumentsUIGoogle=1 “DocumentsUIGoogle” is the file manager when you want to import file to an app e.g. select a file in chrome to upload
GoogleRecorder=1 Package for Google Recorder app
GoogleCalendar=1 Package for Google Calendar app
MarkupGoogle=1 Photos Markup app used in google photos and also to edit the captured screenshots
GoogleFeedback=1 Package for Google Feedback app
GooglePartnerSetup=1 Google Partner Setup is an app that helps you run applications in conjunction with Google products - For example, you can use the calendar from your device with a ToDo app that you’ve just installed
GoogleSounds=1 Replaces stock aosp sounds selector with google sounds
AndroidDevicePolicy=1 It is for Enterprises to manage the devices
GoogleKeep=1 Google Notebook app
Books=1 Google based e-book app
Assistant=1 Standalone Assistant app
YouTubeMusic=1 Stock YouTube music app
PlayGames=1 Google Play Games app
GoogleTTS=1 Google Text-to-speech app, Used by google when used with voice assistant
GoogleTalkback=1 Google Talkback for accessibility for blind persons
DeviceSetup=1 It’s for adding work account, it has noting to do with setupwizard
AndroidAuto=1 Installs Android auto. Used during driving Car and provides smart assistant
GoogleChrome=1 Appset that controls GoogleChrome components
>>GoogleChrome=1 Google Chrome Browser
>>WebViewGoogle=1 Webview for opening links from within the app)
>>TrichromeLibrary=1 Chrome Library
CoreGo=1 Core packages, required to run the playstore on NikGapps Go builds, do not use this in conjunction with Core Package
GoogleGo=1 Go version of Google App
AssistantGo=1 Go version of Assistant app
MapsGo=1 Go version of Google Maps app
NavigationGo=1 Go version of Google Navigation app
GalleryGo=1 Go version of Google Gallery app
GmailGo=1 Go version of Gmail app
AdAway=1 Used to block ads via editing hosts file. Needs root or can be used with vpn method
PixelLiveWallpapers=1 Pixel Live Wallpapers
PixelSetupWizard=1 Pixel Setup Wizard addon with all that you need to have pixel setup wizard working
GoogleFi=1 Google Fi app
GoogleDuo=1 Google Video Calling app
GoogleDocs=1 Google Documents app
GoogleSlides=1 Google Slides app
GoogleSheets=1 Google Excel Sheets app
YouTube=1 Stock YouTube app