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A Custom Google Apps Package that Suits Everyone Needs!
Supports Android 14(U), 13 (T) with regular updates and Android 12L (SL), 12 (S), 11 (R), 10 (Q) on need basis

Why NikGapps?

Customizable Installation

Have full control over what you install. Only install the package you want to!

Wide Support

From core to full package, NikGapps offers a wide range of packages to suit your needs

Regular Updates

Updates are usually weekly, any longer than that means something really interesting is cooking

Addons Support

NikGapps comes with freeware Addons that are widely used along side gapps

Seamless OTA Updates

NikGapps comes with full addon.d support to provide you flash and forget experience

Happy Community

NikGapps has a friendly community that helps you get what you're looking for in NikGapps


Super Thanks