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What is the difference between OpenGapps and NikGapps?
  • NikGapps supports Split Apks!
  • NikGapps packages are created from the apks present in my personal device.
  • NikGapps offers separate addon.d scripts for each package that it comes with. Easy to control which package you want to backup/restore after dirty flash!
  • NikGapps follows a different partition mounting mechanism.
  • NikGapps has it's own set of definition of packages defined keeping users feedback in mind.
  • NikGapps has it's own implementation of install configuration (defined in NikGapps.config and debloater.config).
  • NikGapps allows you to choose which partition you want to install the gapps in (/system or /product)
  • NikGapps offers gms optimization saving your battery so you don't have to worry about google services draining your battery while you are sleeping.
  • NikGapps comes with several addon packages for those who only require specific addon and not the whole gapps package.
  • More NikGapps Features here
How to uninstall NikGapps completely?
What are the guidelines for dirty flash?
  • Follow the Note: section of the changelog to find the recommendations on clean/dirty flash
  • If you don't see any instructions on Note: section, follow below guidelines
  • Dirty flashing gapps aren't really necessary! If your current setup is in working state, you have no reason to dirty flash. The apps will automatically update from Playstore.
  • You can choose to flash a newer update when you are clean flashing your Rom
  • If you are facing some issues with your current setup and you find a fix to the issue in the changelog of the gapps update, clean flash! This ensures that any residue factor is not impacting the actual fix
  • If you can risk your system get into unstable state (with the flexibility of clean flashing at will) then dirty flash!
How to clean flash NikGapps update without losing data?
  • Step 1: Uninstall Playstore updates of Google Apps
  • Step 2: Go to /system/addon.d folder and delete all the scripts that starts with "51-"
  • Step 3: Dirty flash Rom
  • Step 4: Flash newer version of NikGapps
  • Note: this doesn't allow you to dirty flash GBoard/Google Clock app, for that you need to wipe /data and then flash gapps
What are the 'Canary' Builds?
  • As with other kind of software releases, basically canary is technically a test, alpha, beta, whatever you call it. Has some improvements with quick fixes for previous issues. Main releases are more stable though it would be releases at a later date than canary. If you want to have a more stable update go for release, if you want bleeding edge, bugs be damned, go canary
  • Download: link
What is NikGapps.config and how to use it?
  • NikGapps.config is a configuration file which allows you to configure your installation the way you like. You can skip any Package that you don't want to be part of your installation. More on that here
How to use debloater.config?
  • Debloater config is a configuration that allows you to remove files/folders from system. You can place a file named debloater.config in /sdcard/NikGapps folder and add the folder name/file path that you want to remove and flash latest version of Debloater Zip.
  • How to use debloater.config?
  • Find the package name of the apk (MixPlorer is easy to use)
  • Find the install location of the app (run 'pm path packagename' in terminal app)
  • Note the Folder name (usually found in app or priv-app folder inside /system or /system/product folder)
  • Open debloater.config and enter the Folder name (it is case sensitive)
  • Flash the Debloater Zip.
  • Watch below video to see how to use debloater.config
  • Debloater also deletes specific path that is entered in debloater.config.
  • If you want to delete /system/etc/hosts, you can enter /system/etc/hosts in debloater.config
  • The debloater will debloat everything that is entered in debloater.config
Where is Aroma NikGapps?
  • This is discontinued since newer twrp doesn't work with aroma and eventually it will be deprecated
  • More details here
Facing issues with SetupWizard?
  • Connect to any wifi
  • Go to wifi settings and change the wifi type to unmetered
  • Complete the setup
What to do if my contacts are not syncing?
  • Here's How You Can Fix It
  • Open Settings app
  • Click on Apps & Notification
  • Check all permissions for GooglePlayServices, whether allowed or not. If all permission denied, Allow them
  • On upper right corner there is a three dot menu. Click on Show system app
  • Search for Google Contacts Sync app
  • Check whether Contacts permission is allowed or not for that app. If disabled, please allow Contacts permission so that it can Sync Google Contacts
  • A restart maybe required
Google Backup Waiting for backup?
  • Connect your computer with your device and execute the following command from adb
    adb shell
    bmgr run
    bmgr backupnow --all
  • if it's shows Transport error, do
    bmgr backupnow appdata
    and repeat the previous command once more
How to report an issue?
  • If something is wrong with installation, addon.d, debloater, pull the installation logs and share it with us
  • How to pull the installation logs?
    Find the tar.gz file from /sdcard/NikGapps/logs folder generated after your recent installation and share it with us here
  • How to report a crash?
    Pull logcat using matlog app or any other app related to logcat that you prefer and share it with us along with logs generated in /sdcard/NikGapps/logs folder
  • How to report an issue related to debloater?
    For issues related to debloater, grab the debloater.config and share it with us along with the logs from /sdcard/NikGapps/logs folder
  • How to report an issue with dirty installation and ota survival?
    Pull AddonLogs from /sdcard/NikGapps folder, zip them and share it with us
  • How to take logcat if you face bootloop?
    If something is wrong with your device not booting up, try booting it without gapps to ensure the bootloop is sure to gapps
    If you narrow the root cause down to gapps, try to get a logcat during bootloop
    Steps to get a logcat during bootloop
    - boot into the system while flashing only ROM
    - enable debugging in Developer settings
    - run adb shell and enable connection on the phone
    - reboot to recovery
    - dirty flash gapps
    - boot and try logcat again
Can I flash NikGapps on top of other gapps such as OpenGapps?

No, please clean flash

Can I flash addons on top of Roms with existing gapps or other gapps?

Yes, now you can flash NikGapps addons independent of NikGapps. However, the recommendation is to flash on top of NikGapps to avoid any conflicts.

Where's my cat?

Sitting somewhere in the corner and rooting her device? ;)