• Minimum Google Apps Required To Run Play Store.
  • Google Play Store
  • Gms Core
  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Contacts Sync Adapter
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • ExtraFiles (necessary files for Gapps to work)


  • Everything from Core
  • Google Carrier Services
  • Google Clock (Replaces AOSP Clock)
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Vanced Manager
  • Google Dialer (Replaces AOSP Dialer)
  • Google Messages (Replaces AOSP Messages)
  • Google Contacts (Replaces AOSP Contacts)


  • Everything from Basic
  • Device Health Services
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail (Replaces AOSP Email)
  • Google Calculator (Replaces AOSP Calculator)
  • Google/Pixel Setup Wizard (configurable with nikgapps.config using Pixelize)
  • Google Maps
  • Google Photos (Replaces AOSP Gallery)


  • Everything from Omni
  • Android Device Policy
  • GBoard (Replaces AOSP keyboard)
  • Google Calendar (Replaces AOSP Calendar)
  • Google Feedback
  • Google Partner Setup
  • Pixel Launcher
  • Device Personalization Services
  • Google Files (Android R only)
  • Google Velvet (for voice unlock)
  • Google Sound Recorder
  • Google Markup
  • Google Sounds
  • Google Wallpaper


  • Everything from Stock
  • Google Play Books
  • Google Keep
  • Google Chrome (Replaces AOSP Browser)
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Play Games
  • YouTube Music (Replaces AOSP Music and Google Play Music)
  • Google TTS
  • Google Talkback
  • Device Setup (Android for work)
  • Android Auto


  • Everything from Core
  • Assistant Go
  • Gallery Go
  • Gmail Go
  • Google Go
  • Maps Go
  • Navigation Go
  • Pixel Launcher
  • Device Personalization Services
  • Vanced Manager

Setup Wizard

Flash Over Core/Basic/Omni Package To Get Google Setup Wizard.


The Launcher you love the most! Comes with lawnfeed (Doesn't replace Pixel Launcher!)

Google Sound Recorder

A Sound Recorder With Transcript Feature!

YouTube Vanced

Flashable Zip Available In Both Dark And Black Version (Credits @Vanced Team).

Google Velvet

This Is Nothing But The Google App (To Enable Voice Unlock Feature)


Google Keyboard That Replaces Stock Aosp Keyboard.

Google Chrome

Your Favourite Browser!.

Google Photos

An App That Gives You A Different Experience With Your Photos

Google Markup

You Know What It Does!


Don't Like Ads? Flash This And Make Your Device Adfree!

Pixel Live Wallpapers

Stunning Live Wallpapers From Pixel 4

Latest Update - 18th July 2021 (Android R and Q Release)

  • Fix priv-app permissions not being generated when the application manifest was broken
  • Playstore updates (Android R) (18th July)
Older Changelogs
4th July 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fix unzip command failing to recognize '-p' arg and eventually failing the installation (thanks to @glx33807 and @OneWayGamer)
  • Allow dirty flashing Gboard/Clock upon dirty flashing Rom
  • Script Optimization (comparatively faster installation)!
  • Rename NikGapps log name to reflect device and file name
  • Abort the installation when system available size is 0
  • Fix gapps failing for devices not having /system as block

27th June 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fix NikGapps addon.d execution conflicting with Magisk addon.d execution
  • Fix Potential Crashes with Google Playstore
  • Fixes with Mounting product and system_ext partitions
  • Update GoogleWallpaper
  • Update nikgapps.config to reflect version (v15 being the latest)

1st June 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Add support for android 11 go packages
  • Add support for go packages in config releases
  • Build Go Packages addon too
  • Script improvements
  • set InstallPartition=default as defailt value to make it simpler
  • Update nikgapps.config to v14
  • Ability to include addons as part of your custom build in config-releases
  • Swap Google Recorder (moved to stock) and Google Play Games (moved to full)
  • Remove LOS Recorder with installing Google Recorder
  • Clean up /dev/tmp to prevent recovery from crashing in middle of the installation
  • Fix finding block on dynamic_partitions

16th May 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Update how Busybox is installed
  • Add support for system_ext partition (hopefully helps with storage full issue)
  • Rebase the installer script (optimized to a great extent)
  • Dynamically choose which partition to install gapps to (the installer will pick the partition which is writable)
  • Prevent GBoard and GoogleClock addons from flashing before first boot (this needs to be flashed before first boot)

1st May 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fix bootloop with OTA update on A/B devices

24th April 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Update Google Setup Wizard associated apps (R)
  • Add Flipendo to Omni, Stock and Full package (R)
  • Installer script improvements

20th April 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Playstore updates (R)
  • Mounting fixes (more details

4th April 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Addon v3 support
  • Add support for GoogleDuo, GoogleDocs, GoogleSlides, GoogleSheets
  • Playstore Updates (4th April)

28th Jan 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Added missing Hotward Permissions
  • Playstore Updates (28th Jan)

27th Jan 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fixed YouTube Vanced Root version not working
  • Fixed Android tv remote app crash
  • Add missing GBoard properties
  • Ship GoogleRecorder 2.1
  • Playstore Updates (27th Jan)

24th Jan 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fixed an issue where sideloading of NikGapps packages failed
  • Fixed an issue where the permissions were resetting upon dirty flashing NikGapps
  • Mounting fixes (require feedback from users with dynamic partitions on space issue)
  • Many under the hood improvements

31st Dec 2020 (Android R, Q and P Release)
  • Uninstall the addons/gapps packages with -1 config (mode=uninstall is optional now)
  • Calculate partition size and gapps size (based on customized nikgapps.config)
  • Added support for flashing NikGapps after first boot (for space issue with dynamic partitions)
  • Fixed an issue where YouTube Vanced addon failed to install after ota update
  • Remove more aosp apps (SimpleGallery, SimpleCalendar)
  • Playstore Updates (31st Dec)

12th Dec 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Install gapps to /system partition in devices with dynamic partitions (should fix no space issue for several users)
  • Introduced more addon.d configs to control addon.d execution (read more in nikgapps.config file from the zip)
  • Fixed duplicate values coming in nikgapps.config causing issues
  • Ship working versions of Google Maps, Drive, Google Recorder
  • Remove GmsCore folder with installation of GmsCore
  • avc denied error should be fixed with this update
  • Playstore Updates (12th Dec)

22nd Nov 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Feature to uninstall any Package/Addon added (more info can be found on nikgapps.config blog)
  • Fixed several apps (such as GooglePhotos, PixelLiveWallpapers) not showing up even when they were installed
  • Fixed issues with Google Phone (you'll be able to update it properly)
  • Fixed SetupWizard appearing on notification bar even after going through setup wizard process
  • A lot of code optimization in installer script
  • Many new things added in nikgapps.config (listed Packages under AppSet so you can control it)
  • Playstore Updates (22nd Nov)

16th Nov 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Android Auto, DeviceSetup (i.e. Android for Work) in full package (R and Q)
  • More robust GMS Optimization (R and Q)
  • Added Google TTS, Google Talkback (Q)
  • Added google webview, trichromelibrary (Q)
  • Fix aosp apps not being deleted during addon.d execution (Q)
  • Improvement in installer scripts (R and Q)
  • Moved DPS to Macro so that we don't have to ship it with Pixel Launcher AppSet (R and Q)
  • Updated Vanced Gms to latest version (can be found in @NikGappsSupport telegram group)
  • Playstore Updates (16th Nov)

25th Oct 2020 (Android R Release)
  • Added Google TTS, Google Talkback
  • Added google webview, trichromelibrary (should resolve lags issue in chrome)
  • Moved certain pixel launcher overlays in Pixelize Package
  • Added PixelLauncher from Pixel5
  • Fixed Google Drive not opening issue
  • Added swipelibrary with gboard
  • Faster installation (script changes)
  • Set several apps by default (Google Dialer as default phone, Google Velvet as default assistant)
  • Fix aosp apps not being deleted during addon.d execution
  • Updated Pixel live wallpaper from Pixel5
  • Updated Vanced Gms to latest version
  • Dropped Google Play Music in favor of stock YouTube Music
  • Playstore Updates (25th Oct)

10th Oct 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fixed Pixelize Package failing to enable Pixel Setup Wizard (You should get PixelSetupWizard if you sent Pixelize=1)
  • Shipped a working messages app (The one that is compatible with shipped Google Play Services)
  • Addons Updated (10th Oct)
  • Playstore Updates (10th Oct)

08th Oct 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fixed select option not working in Recents Screen
  • Revamped NikGapps architecture to implement AppSets (check notes/website for more details)
  • Add pixelize AppSet that will enable pixel features such as PixelSetupWizard, PixelConfigs
  • Remove styles and wallpaper to avoid conflicts with Rom
  • Removed the overlay that was causing biometrics to fail in app authentication
  • Removed Lawnchair from NikGapps packages (Q and R) since the development is stopped, Add Pixel Launcher instead, you can flash Lawnchair addon to get Lawnchair
  • Fix Debloater not debloating in some scenarios for A/B devices, Also fix logging for A/B devices
  • Add Eclipse Pixel Live Wallpaper (damn cool!) in pixel live wallpapers addon
  • Playstore Updates (08th Oct)

26th Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Fix 4G/LTE not working due to APN resetting
  • Fixed an issue where Google Lens was not opening in Google Photos
  • Fixed Chrome sync issue out of the box (without contacts permissions)
  • Remove RevengeOS Messages and Calculator with Google Messages and Google Calculator installation respectively
  • Playstore Updates (25th Sept)

23rd Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Added DevicePersonalizationServices starting Macro (Live Caption Works)
  • Added Google Files (Macro/Stock/Full)
  • Added GoogleDialer, PixelLauncher, GoogleFiles overlays
  • Fixed Permission (PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS) denial with Pixel Launcher
  • Set Location Permissions to GoogleChrome for those who were facing issues with account sync in Chrome
  • Added all the pixel overlays (icons, accent, etc to get more Pixel feel)
  • Improve addon.d scripts to a huge extent
  • Improvement in installer scripts

16th Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Added Pixel Launcher (macro/stock/full) (Yay? :P)
  • Fixed Google Chrome account sync/sign in issue
  • Fixed Google Markup crash
  • Remove unnecessary Google Dialer overlays

14th Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Fixed PixelSetupWizard (Test Google Restore and let me know how it works out for you)
  • Move Pixel Setup Wizard overlays to /system/overlay
  • Improve the installer script (in support for android 11)

12th Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Initial NikGapps R (Android 11) release
  • Everything Works except for SetupWizard! (will be fixed with upcoming releases)
  • NikGapps-full without setupwizard is also uploaded which should be a stable one with almost all the apps targeting android 11
  • I've also uploaded the builds with SetupWizard which can be skipped using nikgapps.config (if someone doesn't want full package and want macro or stock)
  • Improved logs structure
  • Removed Lawnchair since it is not yet compatible with android 11 (will try to add Pixel Launcher with future releases)
  • YouTube Vanced v14 is shipped with the build
  • Playstore Updates (12th Sept)

1st Sept 2020
  • Setup InstallPartition config such that, user can intall gapps to desired location (This is more for Developers)
  • Fixed an issue where LawnchairRecentsProvider was installed by default
  • Fixed an issue where GooglePhone was not appearing on Playstore if InstallPatition was set to system
  • Separate GoogleSetupWizard and PixelSetupWizard addon
  • Improved logs structure
  • Addon Updates (1st Sept)
  • Playstore Updates (1st Sept)

25 Aug 2020
  • Revamped Addon.d implementation (One master addon to control all the Packages)
  • Log the addon execution in one single file (can be found at /sdcard/NikGapps/Logs folder)
  • Fixed mounting issues with Dynamic Partitions (Huge Thanks to @merothh for working together on this)
  • Fixed conflicts with Magisk addon (Now dirty flashing will also flash magisk without issues if magisk addon is present)
  • Fixed AOSP Apps not deleting after dirty flash in some cases
  • Fixed location crash issue with vanced addon
  • Fixed mounting issue for pie and older version (addons can be flashed on older versions)
  • Improved logging functionality to a greater extent
  • Remove ExtraFiles and ExtraFiles from nikgapps.config (to prevent users from accidentally setting it to 0)
  • Remove AOSP Dialer with Google Dialer installation (set GoogleDialer=2 in nikgapps.config if you want to keep aosp dialer)
  • Addon Updates (25th Aug)
  • Playstore Updates (25th Aug)

23 July 2020
  • Everything from last Experimental Release (highlights below)
  • Fixed mounting issues with newer twrp version (3.4)
  • Add support for Devices with Dynamic Partitions (Thanks @merothh)
  • Fix Priv-app permissions generation with MaxSdkVersion in it
  • Installation will now fail if there is no space left on the device
  • Installation will now fail for devices not having NikGapps support
  • Made WipeDalvikCache configurable (set WipeDalvikCache=0 in nikgapps.config if you want the installer to skip wiping dalvik cache)
  • nikgapps.config updated with package names that makes sense (let me know if you still want me to add description)
  • Addons Updated (Support for twrp 3.4 and Version Updates till 23rd July)
  • Debloater v6 Updated (Support for twrp 3.4)
  • Playstore Updates (23rd July)

24 June 2020 (Experimental)
  • Revamped the whole mounting mechanism
  • Fixed mounting issues with newer twrp version (3.4)
  • Add support for Devices with Dynamic Partitions (Thanks @merothh)
  • Made nikgapps.config location portable (now installer will also read the file from the same directory gapps zip is)
  • Remove AOSP Browser, Email, Gallery with Chrome, Gmail, Photos installation
  • Updated nikgapps.config with Go Apps (You can now configure Go apps installation too)
  • Added Android Device Policy to support Work Profile (Starting Stock Package)
  • Moved Lawnchair to priv-app as it is reported to work better being privileged app
  • Debugging logs will now be better at reading (nikgapps.log)
  • Playstore Updates (24th June)

07 June 2020
  • Added a config 'InstallPartition' to choose between 'system' and 'product' while installing
  • Enable blur on regular picture in Photos app
  • Added Gmail Go in Go packages
  • Fixed crash with PixelWallpapers Addon (Need to be flashed over NikGapps package)
  • Support to Flash over Rom with Existing Gapps
  • Everything from Experimental Build (check older changelog)
  • Playstore Updates (07th June)

10 May 2020 (Experimental)
  • Fixed Dialer not supported message in Google Dialer
  • Fixed Crashes with Device Personalization Services
  • Fixed Device Health Services crash
  • Updated nikgapps.config (finally, I know :P)
  • Separated LawnchairRecentsProvider from Lawnchair (use nikgapps.config to include)
  • Fixed EOL issue with nikgapps.config
  • Added ActionServicesOverlay, WellbeingOverlay, Google Dialer Overlays
  • More stuff that I forgot
  • Playstore Updates (10th May)

27 April 2020
  • Introducing NikGapps Go! A lite version of gapps
  • Fixed backup/restore issue with pixel setup wizard
  • Fixed Bad/Rom Recovery issue reported for some devices
  • Added Lawnchair recents provider
  • Made Lawnchair a system app
  • Addons are updated!
  • Playstore Updates (27th April)

09 March 2020
  • Included everything from the last experimental build.
  • Added missing media effects library
  • Added logging mechanism in addon.d scripts (will be generated in /sdcard/NikGapps/addonLogs)
  • Debloater-v4! Made the debloater more stable with additional conditions (to avoid bootloop)
  • Updated all the Addons
  • Latest version of Google apps (09th Mar)

10 Feb 2020 (Experimental)
  • Added Pixel Tips
  • Added Pixel Setup Wizard and its overlays.
  • Set sms, storage and location permissions to google play services by default.
  • Updated chrome to v80.
  • Updated calendar sync adapter to match android P+.
  • Updated Lawnchair to latest alpha version
  • Kept Aosp Dialer!
  • Remove Device Personalization Services since its FCing and we're yet to find the solution. (an addon will be provided in support group which you can flash to get it back)
  • Playstore Updates (till 10th Feb)

19 Jan 2020
  • Fixed operand issue (nikgapps.config should work accurately like before).
  • Fixed permission issues with Google Play Services
  • Fixed issues with contact sync
  • Playstore Updates (till 19th Jan)

12 Jan 2020
  • Fixed NikGapps installation issues with config values not reflecting in installation.
  • Added a nikgapps.config value "2" to retain aosp apps (set the value to 2 if you don't want the installer to delete the aosp counter part of google app).
  • AOSP Dialer is now deleted by default starting omni package to maintain the uniformity (set Dialer=2 in nikgapps.config before flashing if you want the gapps to skip removing aosp dialer).
  • YouTube Vanced Dark/Black installer fixed (Dark was installing black and visa versa).
  • The installer now clears Dalvik Cache (helps when the changes are not reflected because of dalvik cache).
  • Updated all the Addons (which had a version updates).
  • Latest version of Google apps (12th Jan)

17 Dec 2019
  • Back to Latest Lawnchair alpha version for Q releases
  • Enable Google Apps Updates from PlayStore (for apps such as Digital Wellbeing, Google Sound Recorder)
  • Add support for Next Generation Assistant
  • Add Pixel Live Wallpapers (So Amazing! Must Check out!) addon
  • Removed Pixel Live Wallpaper from Full package since there is a addon package available now
  • Added Chrome, Photos, AdAway Addons
  • Removed MixPlorer Addon for now (since it causes issues with Havoc Rom, will add it back again once I fix the issue)
  • Stability Improvements
  • Latest version of Google apps (17th Dec)

03 Dec 2019
  • Removed Debloating from gapps installation to avoid unnecessary bootloops (Flash latest if you want to debloat anything)
  • Fixed issues with payzapp installation
  • Added Lawnchair 2 (stable)
  • Added shared maps library support in favor of apps depending on maps library
  • Fixed an issue where dirty flashing a Rom required setting permissions to all the apps again
  • Installation Script improvements
  • Fixed an issue with MixPlorer addon causing Force Close of default Files App
  • Added Device Personalization Services (full package)
  • Latest version of Google apps (3rd Dec)

24 Nov 2019
  • Fixed gapps not getting installed when the zip was placed in a folder with spaces in it (flashing with ext sdcard should work now)
  • Fixed - 'Busybox installation Failed'
  • Bootloop with various Roms should be fixed now
  • Fixed a bug in addon.d script where dirty flashing did not delete the necessary files
  • GMS Optimization is back! disable 'Find my device' option from settings
  • Lawnchair and Lawnfeed added (starting stock package)
  • More improvements to Addon.d
  • More Addons (Google Recorder, Lawnchair)
  • Removing Bromite for now (since it is causing bootloops for many)
  • Stability Improvements
  • Latest version of Google apps (24th Nov)

11 Nov 2019
  • Fixed storage and sms permissions by whitelisting soft restrictions on GooglePlayServices
  • Fixed 'Checking for update' taking forever to load in GoogleSetupWizard
  • addon.d v2 - added support for OTA installation (Introducing Debloater v2 with this support)
  • Use Rom Specific system partition ($S) to perform restore/delete actions during addon.d script execution
  • addon.d script now gets written to SAR driven /system partition
  • Removed unnecessary ls -al /tmp command from addon.d
  • Fixed chmod, chcon errors in addon.d script
  • Added Google Sound Recorder (Starting Full Package)
  • Added Digital Wellbeing (Starting Basic Package)
  • Default Debloater.config doesn't delete anything now
  • Fixed the typo while removing apps from /system/app/product folder
  • Added Installation Logging (this will help users share the necessary logs for faster resolution to the issues they experience). File is created in /sdcard/NikGapps/logs folder
  • Show Progress in Progress bar while installing packages
  • Digital NikGapps logo added in gapps installer script
  • Stability Improvements
  • Latest version of Google apps (11th Nov)

14 Oct 2019
  • addon.d v2 support (now works on A/B devices too).
  • Play Store not showing quick changelog box while updating an app fixed
  • All the various NikGapps packages now available for Android Q.
  • Introduce debloater.config with NikGapps-Debloater itself (a config to remove unwanted apps/files). Instructions present in config file.
  • Push nikgapps.config and debloater.config to /sdcard/NikGapps by default with installer so you can just go to the folder and edit the config file.
  • improved the installer (aborts the installation when installation is faulty without impacting the system).
  • Latest version of Google apps (14th Oct)

12 Sep 2019
  • Support Priv-app Whitelist (Fixed boot loop on Roms like Omni)
  • Separated the Addon.d script for individual packages (Fixed addon.d override issue)
  • Introducing nikgapps.config (control the installation as you need now)
  • Revamped the NikGapps implementation method
  • Reduced the zip size (implemented compression - core - 66.2 mb only)
  • Moved the addon packages to single zip (configuration will allow you to control the installation)
  • Beautified the installer and addon.d restoring process now shows the progress
  • Latest Google Apps (12th Sept)

17 Aug 2019
  • Remove Aosp Apps now removes gallery also
  • Added Remove - Digital Wellbeing zip to debloat Digital Wellbeing
  • Updated all the Addon apps to latest version
  • Added MixPlorer and Google Play Music Addon
  • Introducing NikGapps Go Addon (Lite package including Go apps)
  • Fixed FCs with CrDroid Rom
  • Latest Google Apps (17th Aug)

04 Aug 2019
  • A lot of Addons added
  • Script changes to keep aosp dialer as it is for those who prefer call recording. (added a separate zip to delete aosp dialer, can be found in Addon Packages)
  • Updated lawnchair to latest version
  • Added Google Markup in Omni Package
  • Latest Google Apps (4th Aug)

22 Jul 2019
  • Removed Chrome from stock
  • Removed web view stub
  • Removed Dialer app by default in stock (no more duplicates now)
  • Introduced 4 new packages "core", "omni", "full", "aroma"
  • Updated Google Apps (22nd July)

11 Jul 2019
  • Added Lawnchair
  • Added Google Drive
  • Added Google Maps
  • Removed duplicate apps (except Dialer app)
  • Removed Google Assistant
  • Removed Google Chrome Beta
  • Removed Aosp keyboard
  • included Google stable (beta had theming issues)
  • Updated gcam from PE rom (addon)
  • Latest Google Apps (11th July)

02 Jul 2019
  • Changed the base from PE to Opengapps (fixes crashes on few roms and requires clean flash)
  • Fixed duplicate Calendar appearing
  • Added Google webviewstub
  • Added modded Pixel Launcher
  • Removed gcam from stock and basic package to make it generic for all arm64 devices
  • Latest Google Apps (2nd July)

25 Jun 2019
  • Fixed FC with Face Unlock
  • Added Google Sounds
  • Added Pixel Launcher
  • Updated YouTube Vanced to latest
  • Updated Google Camera to latest
  • Latest Google Apps (25th June)

12 May 2019
  • Added Google Markup
  • Fixed Google Backup and Restore issues
  • Fixed device not compatible message appearing while opening Google Dialer app
  • Updated to latest Google Camera (with Time Lapse feature)
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (12th May)

27 Apr 2019
  • Signed the build with my key (just like opengapps)
  • Updated PlayGround
  • Updated Google Camera to (from PixelExperience Rom)
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (27th April)

15 Apr 2019
  • Fixed Setup Wizard FC (tested on Havoc, CrDroid, RR, AOSIP, Los 16. Let me know if you face issues with any other rom)
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (15th April)

07 Apr 2019
  • Added Setup Wizard in stock gapps for those who wants to restore their backup from google backup.
  • Added ARCore and PlayGround in stock gapps with supported GCam (same as pixel experience rom)
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (7th April)

30 March 2019
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (30th March)
  • Included Digital Wellbeing in basic version of NikGapps
  • Introduced NikGapps Stock (Google Apps Package which replaces stock aosp apps with Google Apps. More details in OP)