• Minimum Google Apps Required To Run Play Store.
  • Google Play Store
  • Gms Core
  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Contacts Sync Adapter
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • ExtraFiles (necessary files for Gapps to work)


  • Everything from Core
  • Google Carrier Services
  • Google Clock (Replaces AOSP Clock)
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Vanced Manager
  • Google Dialer (Replaces AOSP Dialer)
  • Google Messages (Replaces AOSP Messages)
  • Google Contacts (Replaces AOSP Contacts)


  • Everything from Basic
  • Device Health Services
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail (Replaces AOSP Email)
  • Google Calculator (Replaces AOSP Calculator)
  • Google/Pixel Setup Wizard (configurable with nikgapps.config using Pixelize)
  • Google Maps
  • Google Photos (Replaces AOSP Gallery)


  • Everything from Omni
  • Android Device Policy
  • GBoard (Replaces AOSP keyboard)
  • Google Calendar (Replaces AOSP Calendar)
  • Google Feedback
  • Google Partner Setup
  • Pixel Launcher
  • Device Personalization Services
  • Google Files (Android R only)
  • Google Velvet (for voice unlock)
  • Google Sound Recorder
  • Google Markup
  • Google Sounds
  • Google Wallpaper


  • Everything from Stock
  • Google Play Books
  • Google Keep
  • Google Chrome (Replaces AOSP Browser)
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Play Games
  • YouTube Music (Replaces AOSP Music and Google Play Music)
  • Google TTS
  • Google Talkback
  • Device Setup (Android for work)
  • Android Auto


  • Everything from Core
  • Assistant Go
  • Gallery Go
  • Gmail Go
  • Google Go
  • Maps Go
  • Navigation Go
  • Pixel Launcher
  • Device Personalization Services
  • Vanced Manager

Latest Update - 18th Oct 2021 (Android S, R and Q Release)

  • Android 12 bring up
  • a lot of mount fixes (thanks to osm0sis)
  • fix DPS (aslo known as ASI) crashes
  • Fix GoogleFiles deleting DocumentsUI on android 10 when it shouldn't delete it
  • config releases - add more validations to ensure the config files are not breaking the workflows
  • config releases - speed up the execution
  • drop Flipendo from gapps (addon will still be available) and Pixelize (gotta stick to google stuff, pixel isn't for every device/rom) AppSet
Older Changelogs
18th Sept 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Update Google Photos, Calendar, Duo, Gmail, Calculator and Clock with Android 12's Material You design
  • Add changes to support unlimited backup with google photos
  • Find the available size of /system correctly on devices like OnePlus7T
  • Fix the addon.d implementation of Debloater
  • Fix some instances of modified nikgapps.config not being recognized
  • Don't abort when system size is 0
  • Improve how partition is identified during size calculations
  • Playstore Updates (18th Sept)

15th Aug 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Ability to flash Addons on top of other gapps and Roms with prebuilt gapps
  • Fix modified nikgapps.config being overridden by stock nikgapps.config in some cases
  • Ability to modify nikgapps.config from the zip file to customize the installation (for those who sideload zip)
  • nikgapps.config version updated to 17 (recommend to use this to build custom gapps builds)
  • Remove Eleven with installation of YouTube Music (both stock and vanced)

04th Aug 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Update GoogleChrome to v90 (Android R)
  • Delete AOSP Files with installation of GoogleFiles
  • nikgapps.config version updated to 16 (recommend to use this to build custom gapps builds)
  • Update YouTube Vanced to v16.20.35, Vanced Music to v4.30.51, Vanced manager to v2.6.0
  • Playstore updates (4th August)

18th July 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fix priv-app permissions not being generated when the application manifest was broken
  • Playstore updates (Android R) (18th July)

4th July 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fix unzip command failing to recognize '-p' arg and eventually failing the installation (thanks to @glx33807 and @OneWayGamer)
  • Allow dirty flashing Gboard/Clock upon dirty flashing Rom
  • Script Optimization (comparatively faster installation)!
  • Rename NikGapps log name to reflect device and file name
  • Abort the installation when system available size is 0
  • Fix gapps failing for devices not having /system as block

27th June 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fix NikGapps addon.d execution conflicting with Magisk addon.d execution
  • Fix Potential Crashes with Google Playstore
  • Fixes with Mounting product and system_ext partitions
  • Update GoogleWallpaper
  • Update nikgapps.config to reflect version (v15 being the latest)

1st June 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Add support for android 11 go packages
  • Add support for go packages in config releases
  • Build Go Packages addon too
  • Script improvements
  • set InstallPartition=default as defailt value to make it simpler
  • Update nikgapps.config to v14
  • Ability to include addons as part of your custom build in config-releases
  • Swap Google Recorder (moved to stock) and Google Play Games (moved to full)
  • Remove LOS Recorder with installing Google Recorder
  • Clean up /dev/tmp to prevent recovery from crashing in middle of the installation
  • Fix finding block on dynamic_partitions

16th May 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Update how Busybox is installed
  • Add support for system_ext partition (hopefully helps with storage full issue)
  • Rebase the installer script (optimized to a great extent)
  • Dynamically choose which partition to install gapps to (the installer will pick the partition which is writable)
  • Prevent GBoard and GoogleClock addons from flashing before first boot (this needs to be flashed before first boot)

1st May 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fix bootloop with OTA update on A/B devices

24th April 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Update Google Setup Wizard associated apps (R)
  • Add Flipendo to Omni, Stock and Full package (R)
  • Installer script improvements

20th April 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Playstore updates (R)
  • Mounting fixes (more details

4th April 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Addon v3 support
  • Add support for GoogleDuo, GoogleDocs, GoogleSlides, GoogleSheets
  • Playstore Updates (4th April)

28th Jan 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Added missing Hotward Permissions
  • Playstore Updates (28th Jan)

27th Jan 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fixed YouTube Vanced Root version not working
  • Fixed Android tv remote app crash
  • Add missing GBoard properties
  • Ship GoogleRecorder 2.1
  • Playstore Updates (27th Jan)

24th Jan 2021 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fixed an issue where sideloading of NikGapps packages failed
  • Fixed an issue where the permissions were resetting upon dirty flashing NikGapps
  • Mounting fixes (require feedback from users with dynamic partitions on space issue)
  • Many under the hood improvements

31st Dec 2020 (Android R, Q and P Release)
  • Uninstall the addons/gapps packages with -1 config (mode=uninstall is optional now)
  • Calculate partition size and gapps size (based on customized nikgapps.config)
  • Added support for flashing NikGapps after first boot (for space issue with dynamic partitions)
  • Fixed an issue where YouTube Vanced addon failed to install after ota update
  • Remove more aosp apps (SimpleGallery, SimpleCalendar)
  • Playstore Updates (31st Dec)

12th Dec 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Install gapps to /system partition in devices with dynamic partitions (should fix no space issue for several users)
  • Introduced more addon.d configs to control addon.d execution (read more in nikgapps.config file from the zip)
  • Fixed duplicate values coming in nikgapps.config causing issues
  • Ship working versions of Google Maps, Drive, Google Recorder
  • Remove GmsCore folder with installation of GmsCore
  • avc denied error should be fixed with this update
  • Playstore Updates (12th Dec)

22nd Nov 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Feature to uninstall any Package/Addon added (more info can be found on nikgapps.config blog)
  • Fixed several apps (such as GooglePhotos, PixelLiveWallpapers) not showing up even when they were installed
  • Fixed issues with Google Phone (you'll be able to update it properly)
  • Fixed SetupWizard appearing on notification bar even after going through setup wizard process
  • A lot of code optimization in installer script
  • Many new things added in nikgapps.config (listed Packages under AppSet so you can control it)
  • Playstore Updates (22nd Nov)

16th Nov 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Android Auto, DeviceSetup (i.e. Android for Work) in full package (R and Q)
  • More robust GMS Optimization (R and Q)
  • Added Google TTS, Google Talkback (Q)
  • Added google webview, trichromelibrary (Q)
  • Fix aosp apps not being deleted during addon.d execution (Q)
  • Improvement in installer scripts (R and Q)
  • Moved DPS to Macro so that we don't have to ship it with Pixel Launcher AppSet (R and Q)
  • Updated Vanced Gms to latest version (can be found in @NikGappsSupport telegram group)
  • Playstore Updates (16th Nov)

25th Oct 2020 (Android R Release)
  • Added Google TTS, Google Talkback
  • Added google webview, trichromelibrary (should resolve lags issue in chrome)
  • Moved certain pixel launcher overlays in Pixelize Package
  • Added PixelLauncher from Pixel5
  • Fixed Google Drive not opening issue
  • Added swipelibrary with gboard
  • Faster installation (script changes)
  • Set several apps by default (Google Dialer as default phone, Google Velvet as default assistant)
  • Fix aosp apps not being deleted during addon.d execution
  • Updated Pixel live wallpaper from Pixel5
  • Updated Vanced Gms to latest version
  • Dropped Google Play Music in favor of stock YouTube Music
  • Playstore Updates (25th Oct)

10th Oct 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fixed Pixelize Package failing to enable Pixel Setup Wizard (You should get PixelSetupWizard if you sent Pixelize=1)
  • Shipped a working messages app (The one that is compatible with shipped Google Play Services)
  • Addons Updated (10th Oct)
  • Playstore Updates (10th Oct)

08th Oct 2020 (Android R and Q Release)
  • Fixed select option not working in Recents Screen
  • Revamped NikGapps architecture to implement AppSets (check notes/website for more details)
  • Add pixelize AppSet that will enable pixel features such as PixelSetupWizard, PixelConfigs
  • Remove styles and wallpaper to avoid conflicts with Rom
  • Removed the overlay that was causing biometrics to fail in app authentication
  • Removed Lawnchair from NikGapps packages (Q and R) since the development is stopped, Add Pixel Launcher instead, you can flash Lawnchair addon to get Lawnchair
  • Fix Debloater not debloating in some scenarios for A/B devices, Also fix logging for A/B devices
  • Add Eclipse Pixel Live Wallpaper (damn cool!) in pixel live wallpapers addon
  • Playstore Updates (08th Oct)

26th Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Fix 4G/LTE not working due to APN resetting
  • Fixed an issue where Google Lens was not opening in Google Photos
  • Fixed Chrome sync issue out of the box (without contacts permissions)
  • Remove RevengeOS Messages and Calculator with Google Messages and Google Calculator installation respectively
  • Playstore Updates (25th Sept)

23rd Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Added DevicePersonalizationServices starting Macro (Live Caption Works)
  • Added Google Files (Macro/Stock/Full)
  • Added GoogleDialer, PixelLauncher, GoogleFiles overlays
  • Fixed Permission (PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS) denial with Pixel Launcher
  • Set Location Permissions to GoogleChrome for those who were facing issues with account sync in Chrome
  • Added all the pixel overlays (icons, accent, etc to get more Pixel feel)
  • Improve addon.d scripts to a huge extent
  • Improvement in installer scripts

16th Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Added Pixel Launcher (macro/stock/full) (Yay? :P)
  • Fixed Google Chrome account sync/sign in issue
  • Fixed Google Markup crash
  • Remove unnecessary Google Dialer overlays

14th Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Fixed PixelSetupWizard (Test Google Restore and let me know how it works out for you)
  • Move Pixel Setup Wizard overlays to /system/overlay
  • Improve the installer script (in support for android 11)

12th Sept 2020 (Android R Release only)
  • Initial NikGapps R (Android 11) release
  • Everything Works except for SetupWizard! (will be fixed with upcoming releases)
  • NikGapps-full without setupwizard is also uploaded which should be a stable one with almost all the apps targeting android 11
  • I've also uploaded the builds with SetupWizard which can be skipped using nikgapps.config (if someone doesn't want full package and want macro or stock)
  • Improved logs structure
  • Removed Lawnchair since it is not yet compatible with android 11 (will try to add Pixel Launcher with future releases)
  • YouTube Vanced v14 is shipped with the build
  • Playstore Updates (12th Sept)

1st Sept 2020
  • Setup InstallPartition config such that, user can intall gapps to desired location (This is more for Developers)
  • Fixed an issue where LawnchairRecentsProvider was installed by default
  • Fixed an issue where GooglePhone was not appearing on Playstore if InstallPatition was set to system
  • Separate GoogleSetupWizard and PixelSetupWizard addon
  • Improved logs structure
  • Addon Updates (1st Sept)
  • Playstore Updates (1st Sept)

25 Aug 2020
  • Revamped Addon.d implementation (One master addon to control all the Packages)
  • Log the addon execution in one single file (can be found at /sdcard/NikGapps/Logs folder)
  • Fixed mounting issues with Dynamic Partitions (Huge Thanks to @merothh for working together on this)
  • Fixed conflicts with Magisk addon (Now dirty flashing will also flash magisk without issues if magisk addon is present)
  • Fixed AOSP Apps not deleting after dirty flash in some cases
  • Fixed location crash issue with vanced addon
  • Fixed mounting issue for pie and older version (addons can be flashed on older versions)
  • Improved logging functionality to a greater extent
  • Remove ExtraFiles and ExtraFiles from nikgapps.config (to prevent users from accidentally setting it to 0)
  • Remove AOSP Dialer with Google Dialer installation (set GoogleDialer=2 in nikgapps.config if you want to keep aosp dialer)
  • Addon Updates (25th Aug)
  • Playstore Updates (25th Aug)

23 July 2020
  • Everything from last Experimental Release (highlights below)
  • Fixed mounting issues with newer twrp version (3.4)
  • Add support for Devices with Dynamic Partitions (Thanks @merothh)
  • Fix Priv-app permissions generation with MaxSdkVersion in it
  • Installation will now fail if there is no space left on the device
  • Installation will now fail for devices not having NikGapps support
  • Made WipeDalvikCache configurable (set WipeDalvikCache=0 in nikgapps.config if you want the installer to skip wiping dalvik cache)
  • nikgapps.config updated with package names that makes sense (let me know if you still want me to add description)
  • Addons Updated (Support for twrp 3.4 and Version Updates till 23rd July)
  • Debloater v6 Updated (Support for twrp 3.4)
  • Playstore Updates (23rd July)

24 June 2020 (Experimental)
  • Revamped the whole mounting mechanism
  • Fixed mounting issues with newer twrp version (3.4)
  • Add support for Devices with Dynamic Partitions (Thanks @merothh)
  • Made nikgapps.config location portable (now installer will also read the file from the same directory gapps zip is)
  • Remove AOSP Browser, Email, Gallery with Chrome, Gmail, Photos installation
  • Updated nikgapps.config with Go Apps (You can now configure Go apps installation too)
  • Added Android Device Policy to support Work Profile (Starting Stock Package)
  • Moved Lawnchair to priv-app as it is reported to work better being privileged app
  • Debugging logs will now be better at reading (nikgapps.log)
  • Playstore Updates (24th June)

07 June 2020
  • Added a config 'InstallPartition' to choose between 'system' and 'product' while installing
  • Enable blur on regular picture in Photos app
  • Added Gmail Go in Go packages
  • Fixed crash with PixelWallpapers Addon (Need to be flashed over NikGapps package)
  • Support to Flash over Rom with Existing Gapps
  • Everything from Experimental Build (check older changelog)
  • Playstore Updates (07th June)

10 May 2020 (Experimental)
  • Fixed Dialer not supported message in Google Dialer
  • Fixed Crashes with Device Personalization Services
  • Fixed Device Health Services crash
  • Updated nikgapps.config (finally, I know :P)
  • Separated LawnchairRecentsProvider from Lawnchair (use nikgapps.config to include)
  • Fixed EOL issue with nikgapps.config
  • Added ActionServicesOverlay, WellbeingOverlay, Google Dialer Overlays
  • More stuff that I forgot
  • Playstore Updates (10th May)

27 April 2020
  • Introducing NikGapps Go! A lite version of gapps
  • Fixed backup/restore issue with pixel setup wizard
  • Fixed Bad/Rom Recovery issue reported for some devices
  • Added Lawnchair recents provider
  • Made Lawnchair a system app
  • Addons are updated!
  • Playstore Updates (27th April)

09 March 2020
  • Included everything from the last experimental build.
  • Added missing media effects library
  • Added logging mechanism in addon.d scripts (will be generated in /sdcard/NikGapps/addonLogs)
  • Debloater-v4! Made the debloater more stable with additional conditions (to avoid bootloop)
  • Updated all the Addons
  • Latest version of Google apps (09th Mar)

10 Feb 2020 (Experimental)
  • Added Pixel Tips
  • Added Pixel Setup Wizard and its overlays.
  • Set sms, storage and location permissions to google play services by default.
  • Updated chrome to v80.
  • Updated calendar sync adapter to match android P+.
  • Updated Lawnchair to latest alpha version
  • Kept Aosp Dialer!
  • Remove Device Personalization Services since its FCing and we're yet to find the solution. (an addon will be provided in support group which you can flash to get it back)
  • Playstore Updates (till 10th Feb)

19 Jan 2020
  • Fixed operand issue (nikgapps.config should work accurately like before).
  • Fixed permission issues with Google Play Services
  • Fixed issues with contact sync
  • Playstore Updates (till 19th Jan)

12 Jan 2020
  • Fixed NikGapps installation issues with config values not reflecting in installation.
  • Added a nikgapps.config value "2" to retain aosp apps (set the value to 2 if you don't want the installer to delete the aosp counter part of google app).
  • AOSP Dialer is now deleted by default starting omni package to maintain the uniformity (set Dialer=2 in nikgapps.config before flashing if you want the gapps to skip removing aosp dialer).
  • YouTube Vanced Dark/Black installer fixed (Dark was installing black and visa versa).
  • The installer now clears Dalvik Cache (helps when the changes are not reflected because of dalvik cache).
  • Updated all the Addons (which had a version updates).
  • Latest version of Google apps (12th Jan)

17 Dec 2019
  • Back to Latest Lawnchair alpha version for Q releases
  • Enable Google Apps Updates from PlayStore (for apps such as Digital Wellbeing, Google Sound Recorder)
  • Add support for Next Generation Assistant
  • Add Pixel Live Wallpapers (So Amazing! Must Check out!) addon
  • Removed Pixel Live Wallpaper from Full package since there is a addon package available now
  • Added Chrome, Photos, AdAway Addons
  • Removed MixPlorer Addon for now (since it causes issues with Havoc Rom, will add it back again once I fix the issue)
  • Stability Improvements
  • Latest version of Google apps (17th Dec)

03 Dec 2019
  • Removed Debloating from gapps installation to avoid unnecessary bootloops (Flash latest if you want to debloat anything)
  • Fixed issues with payzapp installation
  • Added Lawnchair 2 (stable)
  • Added shared maps library support in favor of apps depending on maps library
  • Fixed an issue where dirty flashing a Rom required setting permissions to all the apps again
  • Installation Script improvements
  • Fixed an issue with MixPlorer addon causing Force Close of default Files App
  • Added Device Personalization Services (full package)
  • Latest version of Google apps (3rd Dec)

24 Nov 2019
  • Fixed gapps not getting installed when the zip was placed in a folder with spaces in it (flashing with ext sdcard should work now)
  • Fixed - 'Busybox installation Failed'
  • Bootloop with various Roms should be fixed now
  • Fixed a bug in addon.d script where dirty flashing did not delete the necessary files
  • GMS Optimization is back! disable 'Find my device' option from settings
  • Lawnchair and Lawnfeed added (starting stock package)
  • More improvements to Addon.d
  • More Addons (Google Recorder, Lawnchair)
  • Removing Bromite for now (since it is causing bootloops for many)
  • Stability Improvements
  • Latest version of Google apps (24th Nov)

11 Nov 2019
  • Fixed storage and sms permissions by whitelisting soft restrictions on GooglePlayServices
  • Fixed 'Checking for update' taking forever to load in GoogleSetupWizard
  • addon.d v2 - added support for OTA installation (Introducing Debloater v2 with this support)
  • Use Rom Specific system partition ($S) to perform restore/delete actions during addon.d script execution
  • addon.d script now gets written to SAR driven /system partition
  • Removed unnecessary ls -al /tmp command from addon.d
  • Fixed chmod, chcon errors in addon.d script
  • Added Google Sound Recorder (Starting Full Package)
  • Added Digital Wellbeing (Starting Basic Package)
  • Default Debloater.config doesn't delete anything now
  • Fixed the typo while removing apps from /system/app/product folder
  • Added Installation Logging (this will help users share the necessary logs for faster resolution to the issues they experience). File is created in /sdcard/NikGapps/logs folder
  • Show Progress in Progress bar while installing packages
  • Digital NikGapps logo added in gapps installer script
  • Stability Improvements
  • Latest version of Google apps (11th Nov)

14 Oct 2019
  • addon.d v2 support (now works on A/B devices too).
  • Play Store not showing quick changelog box while updating an app fixed
  • All the various NikGapps packages now available for Android Q.
  • Introduce debloater.config with NikGapps-Debloater itself (a config to remove unwanted apps/files). Instructions present in config file.
  • Push nikgapps.config and debloater.config to /sdcard/NikGapps by default with installer so you can just go to the folder and edit the config file.
  • improved the installer (aborts the installation when installation is faulty without impacting the system).
  • Latest version of Google apps (14th Oct)

12 Sep 2019
  • Support Priv-app Whitelist (Fixed boot loop on Roms like Omni)
  • Separated the Addon.d script for individual packages (Fixed addon.d override issue)
  • Introducing nikgapps.config (control the installation as you need now)
  • Revamped the NikGapps implementation method
  • Reduced the zip size (implemented compression - core - 66.2 mb only)
  • Moved the addon packages to single zip (configuration will allow you to control the installation)
  • Beautified the installer and addon.d restoring process now shows the progress
  • Latest Google Apps (12th Sept)

17 Aug 2019
  • Remove Aosp Apps now removes gallery also
  • Added Remove - Digital Wellbeing zip to debloat Digital Wellbeing
  • Updated all the Addon apps to latest version
  • Added MixPlorer and Google Play Music Addon
  • Introducing NikGapps Go Addon (Lite package including Go apps)
  • Fixed FCs with CrDroid Rom
  • Latest Google Apps (17th Aug)

04 Aug 2019
  • A lot of Addons added
  • Script changes to keep aosp dialer as it is for those who prefer call recording. (added a separate zip to delete aosp dialer, can be found in Addon Packages)
  • Updated lawnchair to latest version
  • Added Google Markup in Omni Package
  • Latest Google Apps (4th Aug)

22 Jul 2019
  • Removed Chrome from stock
  • Removed web view stub
  • Removed Dialer app by default in stock (no more duplicates now)
  • Introduced 4 new packages "core", "omni", "full", "aroma"
  • Updated Google Apps (22nd July)

11 Jul 2019
  • Added Lawnchair
  • Added Google Drive
  • Added Google Maps
  • Removed duplicate apps (except Dialer app)
  • Removed Google Assistant
  • Removed Google Chrome Beta
  • Removed Aosp keyboard
  • included Google stable (beta had theming issues)
  • Updated gcam from PE rom (addon)
  • Latest Google Apps (11th July)

02 Jul 2019
  • Changed the base from PE to Opengapps (fixes crashes on few roms and requires clean flash)
  • Fixed duplicate Calendar appearing
  • Added Google webviewstub
  • Added modded Pixel Launcher
  • Removed gcam from stock and basic package to make it generic for all arm64 devices
  • Latest Google Apps (2nd July)

25 Jun 2019
  • Fixed FC with Face Unlock
  • Added Google Sounds
  • Added Pixel Launcher
  • Updated YouTube Vanced to latest
  • Updated Google Camera to latest
  • Latest Google Apps (25th June)

12 May 2019
  • Added Google Markup
  • Fixed Google Backup and Restore issues
  • Fixed device not compatible message appearing while opening Google Dialer app
  • Updated to latest Google Camera (with Time Lapse feature)
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (12th May)

27 Apr 2019
  • Signed the build with my key (just like opengapps)
  • Updated PlayGround
  • Updated Google Camera to (from PixelExperience Rom)
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (27th April)

15 Apr 2019
  • Fixed Setup Wizard FC (tested on Havoc, CrDroid, RR, AOSIP, Los 16. Let me know if you face issues with any other rom)
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (15th April)

07 Apr 2019
  • Added Setup Wizard in stock gapps for those who wants to restore their backup from google backup.
  • Added ARCore and PlayGround in stock gapps with supported GCam (same as pixel experience rom)
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (7th April)

30 March 2019
  • Updated to latest version of Google Apps (30th March)
  • Included Digital Wellbeing in basic version of NikGapps
  • Introduced NikGapps Stock (Google Apps Package which replaces stock aosp apps with Google Apps. More details in OP)